miércoles, 7 de enero de 2009

Amuse yourselves!
We start this year trying to update the remaining entries we've already promised.
In principle one of this is our almost habitual Daily Comic Strip section.
Come and amuse yourselves. Step right up,boys and gals;we will show you wonderful things, comic marvels for free never before seen...
In this entry, our first Pilette strip -my favorite girl-we will display for you whatever you want to know about a funny and already dead-come -to -life beautiful woman.

Do you wish to see bizarre strip characters? Non wishy-washy adventures coming just right from the rotten linings of a coffin?
Name your pleasure!
By the way,we will do it this time in English just because the world-wide visitors great amount we have already met.
Let's ma babe be universal.
Hey kids, just enjoy and name your pleasure!

Dr. Lemmon has written a book about what...? A cosmic secret law? , Says who? What is all this about? Ooops!
To be continued...

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