jueves, 8 de enero de 2009

Daily Comic Strip
Aw,this year had better be good.
I made some resolutions, although I'll probably go back and edit these as I come up with better ways to improve myself. Hope.
1. Get better at penciling.
2. Smoke less an get more money.Health comes an goes...
3. Be polite and say thanks more often to my friends for continuing drop by.
4. Eat more green stuff ...and yellow stuff...and purple stuff...and...
5. Be less nervous around people I perceive as mischievous.
6. Experiment more with my own strip characters (kill at least one of them... for good).
7. Get going right off on the personal projects I am always talking about.
8. Spend more time with hobbies besides drawing, girls for example.
9. Get better at returning e-mails.
10.Dispel the rumor that I dated a Playboy-bunnie.
Ok, enough too serious stuff...
Here's today's strip.

How come does the Universe plot against mankind? Uh...ho...
Oh, My!...This is something totally new we do not know about Lemmon's standpoints...
To be continued...

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